Ticket Pricing

Free Events

Paid Events

  • FREE events can be created and marketed for free!
  • Create as many events as you'd like every month!
  • For tickets up to $45, flat fee of $0.99 per ticket
  • For tickets $45 and $303.99, 2.3% of ticket price
  • For tickets above $304, $7.00 flat fee per ticket

E-Mail Marketing

Number of Contacts Messages / Month Monthly Fee  
- 3000 FREE Register Now
  • 20% Discount on annual subscriptions
  • For contact lists over 70,000, please contact EventStorm Sales

Text Message Marketing

  • No Monthly Fees, No Commitments, Pay As You Go
  • $0.02 / Standard Message
  • $0.05 / Express Message

What's The Difference Between Standard And Express Delivery?

Express Delivery messages are sent from our short code that is directly connected to the major cell phone carriers. Express delivery speed and reliability is comparable to sending a text message from one cell phone to another. Currently Express delivery is NOT supported by some smaller carriers.

Standard messages are sent out through the Internet using SMTP technology and are NOT SUPPORTED BY THE CARRIERS. THIS TECHNOLOGY IS WORKING ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!! Deliverability rates are for the most part consistent, but can be unpredictable. We provide this method as a legacy service for those customers who need to reach smaller carriers. As the carriers do not support this delivery method, we cannot offer support for Standard messages.